shows original just for your phone


Have you ever heard about Quibi? Perhaps the answer will vary a lot depending on where you are in this moment. This is a service that comes by appointing several months ago, and today the final has seen the light.

The focus of Quibi is to deliver shows with original content to be enjoyed on your phone. Yes, just on your phone, there is no way of sending the content to the TV or a native application for Smart TV, and no way to view it on the computer. Nothing of nothing.

But as can be seen only from the phone, they have thought very well how to deliver this experience in the best way. As he was able to see The Verge, the application automatically adapt the content depending on if you’re watching vertical or horizontalwith the aim of you lose the least amount of space possible on the screen.

Despite the fact that the application is not yet available in Chilethe american media in general speak that the experience is quite good, a necessary thing considering that it is the only platform to enjoy this content.

And what about the content?

Quibi comes to deliver several shows with original content, going from comedy to documentaries, with stars known all over the world, such as Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Hart, Jason Bateman and Liam Hemsworth, among many others.

Eye, all the shows last 10 minutes or less. And the company will charge two types of subscription: USD $4.99 if you want to see the content with ads or $7.99 to view the article without ads. Yes, as you read, there will be no free option, only the first 90 days in the event that you would like to perform the test.

There is still no approximate date for his arrival in Chile, but in the meantime we want to know: what would you pay for this type of content?