SLEEVE: Editorial Kimetsu no Yaiba and One Piece confirmed to be infected by COVID-19


The editorial Shueisha he had made the day s its millions of readers in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump when you publish several volumes free of some of its series of sleevethey are responsible for hits such as One Piece, but had to close their offices due to a positive case of infection Coronavirus (COVID-19.

Apparently the contagion by COVID-19 it was already known by the workers of the japanese publisher, but it was not until the 6th of April that confirmed the suspicion, which caused that appropriate action will be taken to disinfect the offices in which he was working the editor.

This after issued a state of emergency in Japan by a new Coronavirus outbreak and caused the temporary closure of several companies such as Shueisha for not to risk more people being infected with this disease; they got to know these details by means of their social networks to reassure their followers.

The press release from Shueisha

  • “The 6 of April, one of our employees (an editor of some forty years) tested positive for the new Coronavirus. The employee showed symptoms of fever on the 26th of march. She consulted her doctor and began to avoid going to work. On April 3, was subjected to the PCR test and was diagnosed as positive in the evening of 6 April,”

In addition to the temporary closure, the publishing house Shueisha said check the history of the worker infected and so identify time any close contact, even decided to make a full observation of any person who may have been involved.

  • “We began working in-house at the corporate level, giving priority to the security of the parties concerned to avoid further infection. We will take appropriate action for the case. Thank you for your understanding”

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Although the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump along with his publishing company have not confirmed any delay for any of its series as Kimetsu no Yaiba or My Hero Academia, the fans should be on the lookout for any new information on the official accounts of these companies and so know what will happen later.