So rejected Ryan Reynolds the challenge ‘shirtless’ by Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal


Tom Holland Jake Gyllenhaal
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Hollywood actors are taking off their shirts and standing hands on Instagram. Why? It turns out that Tom Holland challenged Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal to a challenge very fit. Is getting out of hands and wear a shirt without removing the face-down position. Clear that Jake Gyllenhaal made the challenge at the foot of the letter. But Ryan rejected the proposal of Holland with a video to one hundred percent Ryan.

First note that the training Tom for Spider-Man 3 is paying off. So we invited their friends to replicate this shirtless challenge and show their backs in Instagram. OK, this challenge is the only one that has absolutely our VoBo. Here is the video that started the challenge and where it nominates Reynolds.

Ryan preferred to make fun of the challenge. Made screenshots of Tom standing on of hands and the rose their stories of Instagram. To rose the fragment where Holland looks exhausted and payroll, for after recorded himself in a video where he makes a face of confusion and simply says “NO”. K BOOMER.

Obviously your friend and companion Spider-Man: Far from HomeJake Gyllenhaal, accepted. Until he gave us one of the best stories that we have seen because in addition to its back (LOL), he showed us his new look with a man bun and is seen more hot.

Do you know the best part? That we will have the same material of Hugh Jackman because Gyllenhaal was nominated for the actor The Greatest Showman. Jake also nominated Maggie Gyllenhaal and 50 Cent.

What’s the bad news? The third film from Tom Holland and Zendaya in Spider-Man is also suffering the delay that the coronavirus is causing in this and in all industries. The release date that Marvel has projected is 16 July 2021, but the filming has not yet begun by the pandemic.