Stranger Things (Netflix) will give a surprising turn for the coronavirus!


Stranger Things it is one of the series affected by the crisis coronavirus, and Netflix has been forced to adapt the fourth season to the circumstances. The series that tells the adventures of the children of Hawkins and the world Upside down is one of the brands more reliable platform, but since the issue its third season the past 2019 is suffering many problems to go forward.

Most of these problems, what is causing the pandemic of the coronavirus, which is in crisis half a world. Due to the quarantine imposed by the various governments, the audiovisual productions have had to stop its activity until the end of the confinement, which is leading to many delays. While Netflix was able to bring no complications at their premieres in march, and you can bring April, Stranger Things it has become a headache.

Just a few days ago we did echo of the doubts that existed in the breast of Netflix with regard to when the end of the series, that could be given at the end of this fourth season. Next to them, now the possibility has arisen of making the series goes after a time walk that would take them into the next decade.

The filming of the fourth season of Stranger Things will occur two years after the filming of the third season, which took place between 2018 and 2019. It is a time not very long, but we are talking about Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp and company have past 14/15 years old to 17, with the change physical that adolescence involves. The only solution from the company is seen as viable is to move the setting of the next batch of episodes, from 1986 to the early 90s.