Survive: The film of Quibi with Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones



Sophie Turner.


I have to start by clarifying that I do not believe to be the target audience Quibi. The new streaming platform is intended for an audience (quite younger than me) that consume audiovisual content primarily on their mobile phones and rations short. Quibi, which was launched this April 6, offers movies in the chapters, in addition to documentaries and series not guionadas. All this divided in capsules of less than 10 minutes, and that can only be consumed by a mobile app, both in video format, horizontal, and vertical.

My first question when hearing about Quibi was: do you have app for the Apple TV? I was thinking about to see their content as I do with so many other movies and series: on the big screen in my home. The answer is no.

Survive it is one of the proposals of Quibi movie into chapters. In it Sophie Turner (Sansa from Game of Thrones) plays Jane, a young woman who is going through a season in a rehabilitation centre for young people with mental health problems. There are people with anorexia, bulimia, depression, bipolar disorder, or, in the case of Jane, suicidal tendencies. Jane gives the impression of having improved and give him the high health. But the plane that was to carry back home it ends up having an accident and crashes in the middle of some snowy mountains. She and Paul (Corey Hawkins Straight Outta Compton) are the only survivors of the disaster. The movie into chapters is based on the book of the same name in 2012 Alex Morel and reflects on the relationship that is established between these two strangers forced to try to survive together.

What is certain is that the five chapters, 12 in total Surviveavailable to write this review is allowed to see without difficulty. All of them are designed without gimmicks, and dialogs complicated or sophistications narratives that ask a lot to the viewer. The realization of the majority of his minutes are limited to close-ups of the face of Turner. The young Jane is going through difficult situations, and the camera looks up their reactions at all times. Each chapter of Survive ends in a scene of suspense that leaves the viewer eager to see the next.


Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins in Survive.


In each new chapter we know a little bit more about the history of Jane and what has led to the situation in which they find mentally. But the film does not just start to really until that occurs the aircraft accident and see how they will react to her and Paul before the adverse situations. The few less than 50 minutes that I’ve consumed up to the time of Survive could be summed up perfectly in four or five sentences and you will not lose anything, except perhaps the exaggeration of Turner, taking the hands to the hair and trying to express despair. It is little the amount of action contained in each chapter.

Each end of episode Survive it reminded me of the same trick narrative that have traditionally been using a series of televisions generalists or network, leaving the viewer in suspense for that you do not change the channel when they go to the ad break.

It is true that Survive also has hits. Each episode has been made for having as much sense if the viewer decides to view the article in the vertical format, as well as horizontally. And perhaps consumed in capsules small, a trip meter (when we get back to being able to go on the metro) is valued more. But the film combines two genres (the portrait of a young woman with depression and an adventure of survival) somewhat irreconcilable. Especially because Survive does not give samples of to be able to cover both topics in a sympathetic way taking into account its simplicity of narrative.

It is also a pity that Survive do not apply the maximum of his character Paul: “Nothing to dramatize something that is not really a drama”. By the time that most abounds in this title, is the melodrama. It is not that their characters are not living dramatic situations, on the contrary. Especially in the case of Jane. Rather it is that the team Survive has not managed to convey that drama that lives his protagonist beyond the screams and the tears.

But, as I said, it may simply be that I am not the target audience for Quibi. Will have to see how they judge the time and the viewers to the new platform.

Survive it premiered this April 6, in Quibi, coinciding with the launch of the platform. Each day, Monday to Friday, opens a new chapter of the movie on Quibi.

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