Taehyung shares her remedy to cure a broken heart


BTS has several songs that have helped the ARMY to overcome his fears, to love themselves and to trust that they are not alone.

The boys have sent a great message through his lyrics, not only in group but also with their own. However, V it also has secrets to help the fans when it comes to a broken heart. We tell you what it is.

The idol has remained in contact with ARMY through the platform Weverse and during the night he remained active, talking and exchanging various messages. A fan decided to ask if he knew any song you could heal a broken heart. Sob!

Taehyung, who was listening to music at that time decided to give it your best council and recommend a single that will surely help: “Closer”, song who sings Halsey to the side of the duo, the Chainsmokers.

Without a doubt, V has a broad taste in music and will always have a theme for every occasion, in addition, it demonstrated once more that between BTS and the singer there is a great friendship.