The amazing new project of Dacre Montgomery (‘Stranger Things’) that departs completely from the action


Dacre Montgomery he ended up winning the hearts of the fans ‘Stranger Things’ with his farewell in the tecera season. Now, the actor has announced his new project, and it has nothing to do with the performance.

Dacre published a book of poetry, his great passion, next fall. As he himself explained, his experience doing a pocast of poetry it has been “cathartic” and now he has shared in their stories of Instagram your new project.

“Very excited to announce this news with you!”, claimed to share a story about how he had bought a book without a title yet of poetry. It also revealed that the premiere is scheduled for fall of 2020.

Montgomery had already spoken of his passion for poetry in The New York Times.

“I’ve been doing a podcast for two years. It’s like an amalgam of poetry with a rhythm that I’ve been writing for a long time, and condensé in six different subjects”. It seems that Billy is a box of surprises.

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