The colleague Jordi Cruz (MasterChef) who cooks for Letizia and Felipe VI at the Zarzuela


April 07, 2020
(20:17 CET)

Almost always when we talk about cooking in Spain, we remember Ferran Adrià, Karlos Arguiñano or Jordi Cruznames that fill many hours of television and that all the world knows.

However, in our cuisine, we have great chefs that are not so recognised and are also world-class.

One of them we can see their dishes often in the media, although no one has spoken to us of him. And we’re talking about Antonio Wallsthe head chef of the Kings.

Letizia, Felipe, Leonor and Sofia. Photo: EFE

Who is Antonio Walls?

We are in front of the head of the kitchen of Zarzuela for more than half a decade, that is to say, has been the cook of the king Felipe and Letizia since his arrival at the post.

Do not know of a lot of data from it, since the Royal House tries to keep the highest discretion on these issues, however, it is known that before the royal banquet had a kitchen extremely well-known in the now extinct restaurant Jockey.

Before I got Antonio Walls all the chefs that they had the Kings of Spain were militaryso he is the first civilian in charge of the kitchen real.

Had the journalist Peñafiel that the Royal Household has always tried to avoid their workers, and more, dedicated to the kitchen, prodiguen in the media, for this reason Antonio Walls follows the example of its predecessor, and continues in the background media away from the spotlight, but close to the stove.