The creator of the armor of Iron Man manufactures face masks and protective screens against the coronavirus


Before the crisis global health many artists have brought their work to help in whatever way possible to the health, that fight day to day against the pandemic coronavirus. It is the case of Eddie Yang, craftsman hollywood that so many “accessories” has been created for the big screen. Yang, known especially for the manufacture of the armor of one of the most beloved characters of Marvel, Iron Man, has focused all efforts from his workshop in the preparation of face masks and protective screens.

  Eddie Yang making masks and armor of Iron Man

“I wanted to do something to help”says one Yang felt helpless before a situation that also allowed him to continue with his usual work. Thus, according to collects Variety, this expert in the manufacture by 3D printing, he put hands to the work is not without difficulty. “All the plastic sheeting necessary had been exhausted”, he says. This was the first challenge: get a material useful, arduous task to which he continued to give with the right approach at the time to actually make those screens, protective. “I didn’t want to make something useless, so Lisa helped me to design the approved medical emergency”says Yang of Lisa Yen a worker in the healthcare industry who does not hesitate to help in the time that he learned of the initiative.

A work of all

“Right now we distribute to eight hospitals [en Los Ángeles]. The workers who are in the front line they feel less cared for so that when you receive the material is a way of recognising your effortadds a Yang more than immersed in their new mission before the who claims not to see the end. “We do not know how many [pantallas y mascarillas] we will have to do, or for how long”what is clear is that your contribution is very important, with 1,400 screens already made in this workshop, that since it put hands to the work has not ceased to welcome volunteers.