The film role of Rita Wilson that you would eliminate from your resume while Hot Ones invades the show Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson and Rita Wilson not even needed to go to the set “Hot Ones” to come face to face with Sean Evans and a plate of chicken wings hot that he began to complain before we even challenge them to take a single bite in an episode filmed prior to the current coronavius the pandemic closed the traditional productions of talk shows and saw Rita Wilson and her husband Tom Hanks to get the virus.

Admitting that she is a coward absolute when it comes to hot things, Kelly was determined to be 100 percent truthful all the time, while her guest, Rita Wilson said that he was not much better. But the question was if they could actually defend the truth when they faced some questions brutally difficult.

We asked Rita to appoint a project from your curriculum that you would love to take him, but it was Kelly who was quick to participate. Anyone who knows his story I knew exactly where I was going, but still we were laughing with her. as she said: “From Justin to Kelly”, and added that he was “contractually obligated”.

Then he had the jaw open when Rita revealed that gladly would take “Jingle All the Way” of your resume, and thanks to its status as honorary as a basic element of a vacation, you can’t escape.

Kelly had to know why he’d want to remove the film from its curriculum, but Rita actually had an explanation pretty solid.

“I don’t understand my character because why my character doesn’t understand that Turbo-Man is your husband?” she said. “How many superheroes sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger?”

We can’t lie, it is a good reasoning!

As for Kelly, he thought he was going to have an easy time with that, and even became arrogant when they Are asked to name a song of one of your co-coaches of “the Voice” that you expect not to hear back never more. He felt good about it because I had an explanation. “This is not because it is a great song,” he said before revealing that he is “All of Me” by John Legend.

“It is because we have ruined by playing too much!” she lamented.

However, things got worse with his second question: “Who was the worst interview in your program until now?”

Kelly didn’t even hesitate and said: “I can’t tell the truth because my program has just started and I don’t want to annoy people”.

Then took on the challenge of the wing, that Be assured him that it was a smooth sauce to the tv during the day compared to what they tend to face their guests. But not what you would have thought to see Kelly after a single bite. Seriously, you have to see her and Rita struggling to achieve that after taking a single bite.

Some people can’t handle the heat.

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