The jeans Kim Kardashian I can not hold both! and this happens


April 08, 2020
(19:13 CET)

Kim Kardashian is living a few difficult days of confinement at home with the fear that it can catch the coronavirus, something that could be fatal for the victim who suffers from lupus.

In fact, it is not known very well if the disease is high risk or not, but the socialite is not the one he wants to play and is enclosed and without any contact with the people.

However, the people are hanging images of him in the networks, some on the street that sees the u.s. in the last few weeks, with a physical spectacular.

The jeans to the limit

In fact, one of the images that you have shared has been able to see the socialite american with a clothing very accurate, both the t-shirt that leaves much to glimpse for all, as the pants.

And is that the jeans could not hold more and are on the brink of explosion. The sinuous curves of the Kardashian re-test the designs of clothes once more.

Premiere of his new series

Yesterday was the first episode of his new reality, in which on this occasion has no family and does so in the courts, where it appears Kim Kardashian defending complex cases.

It should be recalled that the father of Kim Kardashian was a famous lawyer of OJ Simpson, Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003, and the inheritance caused the clan Kardashian became what it is today.