The nails press-on of Ariana Grande are super cute, an idea manicure from quarantine


7 April 2020

Salons for nails and our beloved beauty therapists are rightly closed to contain the outbreak of coronavirus. Waiting to riabbracciarli and we can’t wait to do so, we need to take care of our nails by yourself. You have difficulties even to apply a simple stroke of Polish? You may do as Ariana Grande that you are made to send from her manicurist of trust of the set of nails press-on. Yes, fake nails, self-adhesive, they are super cute. Of course you can play with it while you are still at home, but toglile absolutely when you go shopping!

The singer of “7 Rings,” has shared his nails on his Instagram Stories, created for her by Bettyina Cherry, nail artist Los Angeles:

You are a gift @bettyinacherry thanks“she wrote Ariana in the video.

The first set of nails, press-on are almond-colored mother-of-pearl. The others have square shape, blue colour, ombré, with holes in the shape of a little heart on the tip. We told them that are super cute.

Ariana Grande it was one of the first star that has alerted his fans to the emergency coronavirus, sending all the Arianators to comply with #IoRestoACasa. To give them support and love in these long weeks of social isolation, the pop star has decided to send them a nice gift. It is a the home version of “My Everything” – the title track of her second studio album.

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