The new song from Drake conviertge in the challenge viral Tik Tok dance


The challenges or challenges, as they call on social networks, tend to be a success in and of itself. But if we consider that we are in quarantine and cannot leave the house, for many of these tests become a way of passing the time. The last challenge that has become fashionable in Tik Tok so massive has been the Toosie Slide that consists of dance the song Drake of the same name. Do you already know how it’s done?

It seems that Drake has been with the key to make their songs become the protagonists of social networks to replicate the choreography. If two summers ago the Kiki Challenge was the revolution that caused us to record a dance bajándonos of a running carnow comes the Toosie Slide (yes, to make from our house).


(Jonathan Short / AP)

Now a few days ago that the song from Drake is playing in all platforms of streaming, and now it has become one of the most heard in the social network that is most successful among young people and adolescents: Tik Tok

In this way, perform the choreography that the own Drake performed in the video clip it is the aim of those who submit to this challenge that, no doubt, poses no danger as other challenges that we have been able to see the Rompebocas.


Well, for those who want to practice their skills as dancers only have to follow the steps, marked by Drake. It may seem complicated but in reality it is bothwith what we are faced with a challenge suitable for all audiences.

The basic steps are the following: a kick with the right leg, bend the same leg out to the side and draw the heel toward the outside, to give another kick with the left leg and for the last slide to the left along the ground to move.


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I Toosie Slide – Drake

This is to catch the step and the coordination. Once clear, exit is automatic. Do you dare with the Toosie Slide?