The photo of Carmen Borrego teaching of more that leaves Spain with the mouth open!


Carmen Borrego at Viva the life

April 07, 2020
(20:55 CET)

Carmen Borrego was the winner of the programme ‘Come dine with me: Gourmet edition’, something that led to their home was a film set for several days and programs.

The daughter of María Teresa Campos had to show your house to all of Spain and far from the glamour that we find when celebrities from other countries such as the united States show us their homes, what is certain is that the house of the Borrego seemed to us little television.

In fact, there was some other detail that he left in evidence to the collaborator of the ‘Live the Life’.

Carmen Borrego

A life of ‘humble’

Far from what you can see when appears on the tv set or when you have a camera close by, where we see a Carmen Borrego on many occasions that it seems very ‘snob’, what is certain is that the reality is quite another.

Even though he came from a family of high standing as it is the family’s Fields and try to have a lot of glamour in your furniture, there are things that squeak quite a bit.

And is that classic furniture, tables, art, lamps, huge carpets of another time or armchairs of casa grande, we find that behind all of that air from the jet set, there are some things that are very humble.

At the time that were taught to the bathroom, we were able to see among other things that you opt for the white marks for personal hygiene, seeing among other products a soap Cellulite that we can find in Mercadona for a euro. It is not gold that glitters.