The police of Louisiana uses the siren of ‘The Purge’ to warn of curfew by the coronavirus


In each country, the authorities are trying to people to keep your distance to avoid further spread of the coronavirus with various measures. In Spain we have the mandatory quarantine, in some states in the united States have a curfew. As in Louisiana, where it is forbidden to leave the house of 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.. To alert, the police cars do sound the siren to alert you that the curfew has begun.

The Purge: night of the beasts

The problem has come with the election of the siren of the police of the city of Crowley. Fans of horror movies you will have a good scare when you hear the siren of the beginning of the Purge annual of the movie ‘The Purge’ as they watched the police car in your neighborhood. The chief of police of the city, Jimmy Broussard, ensures that had no idea that that sound was associated with the films of Blumhouse, but assured that they would not again use it. Although it was already late, their social networks and phones had already received hundreds of complaints.

The Dalek kept the people at home

This reference film a bit of the macabre is not the only one curious case that is going on in the pandemic of coronavirus. In the United Kingdom have had to take out the Daleks to convince the people to remain in their homes. The residents of the village of Robin Hood’s Bay began to hear a voice of metal that came from the street, and when they peered into the windows they saw the robot facing ‘Doctor Who’ in the legendary series, forcing them to stay inside.

By order of the Dalek, all human beings must stay inside, all humans should be isolated yells the robot as it moves (quite adorable) through the streets. For many brits, who carry seeing all your life the series, it sure took a good scare to see the enemies of the Doctor play freely through its streets. May as well make a case and remain in their homes.