The pump Rocio Carrasco and Fidel Albiac on the verge of exploding (and changes everything)


Rocio Carrasco and Fidel Albiac

April 07, 2020
(15:04 CET)

Dew Flowers is wrecked. The contestant of Survivors is staying completely single. She thought to have the support of Ana Maria Aldón, your abuelastra, however it has not been so. The wife of Ortega Cano is not able to defend it against the attacks of Yiya. Both are very far apart. According to some media the reason of this indifference is the fault of Gloria Camila. The contributor did not agree on the relationship between Aldón and the bullfighter. For her, the contestant of Survivors come just for interest. It was what they thought of her so many people and that he hurt you.

The daughter of Antonio David it has been shown to be very natural during the contest, a point in favor. A couple of weeks ago she was seen crying by telling you the situation in Spain. The young man wanted to have news of your mother and you know if this was okay. Not a word, although Telecinco has been attempted by active and passive to get that precious phone call or visit to the film set. For the moment Rocío Carrasco silent.

dew flowers cryingHowever, this Tuesday could come in directly and speak with his daughter for the first time after seven years without any kind of relationship. The program he has communicated to them that this Tuesday will receive in No man’s land a message to every one of your family members. What I want now same Dew Flowers would be to receive a message from the daughter of Rocío Jurado, but it is also not clear.

It is not intended for this to happen, all the numbers point to that you will receive a message from Antonio David, his brother David, or his aunt Gloria Camila. Sure will do him good to continue with the contest. Lara Alvarez promised him that we would get information about her mother and has not been the case.

“To me no one I come to speak of the respect the children because they have had, and not just by my father. Here we have lost my brother and I in a war that does not belong to us”said the survivor of the conflict with Rocío Carrasco on the island.