The relationship between Jacob Elordi and Josephine Langford that zero you imagined


WHAT? Jacob Elordi and Josephine Langford have become a trend for a possible relationship, but quiet all, we will still have Zendaya and Jacob. This is all part of the new live-action Disney.

Through the social networks fans Disney began to disclose to their stakeholders fav to give life to these two wonderful characters Rapunzel and Flynn, placing it among their favorite actor ‘The Kissing Booth’, Jacob Elordi and the protagonist of ‘After’Josephine Langford.

Other actresses that have been placed as the favourites are Dave Cameron and Sabrina Carpenter and on the side of the protagonist Flynn is the mexican actor Diego Boneta and Dacre Montgomery.

Wooow! What you choose to Jacob Elordi and Josephine Langford for the new live-action Rapunzel?