The special friend of Terelu Fields has “lot of money”. Nights without brake


Terelu Fields on Living the life

April 07, 2020
(14:50 CET)

Terelu Campos is confined to his home with María Teresa Campos. Both of these do not get out of the house because they are high-risk individuals, the matriarch by her advanced age, nearly 80 years, and contributor to Living the life by the cancer. The host suffered a cancer that is repeated to him and decided to undergo a double mastectomy. In recent years the character of the presenter has changed completely. It has had to confront an episode from his life that very few would like it. It has gone through a very painful process of both physical and mental. It is admirable fortitude with which he has struggled and has managed to beat the disease a second time.

Terelu Campos is a bit self-conscious with their body after operations and believe that you will never find love or indulging in illusions. In fact, they already are not looking for it. Not even given a chance. Although many believe that Terelu Fields would need a man in your life that would like it and support it. Right now the collaborator does not think of men, though before that decreed the state of alarm had been in contact with Save me to close his signing and he was knowing, as her mother, a person. Of time all of this has been paused. Apparently a man with a “lot of money” and who would have spent some “crazy night”.

The curriculum of the love of Terelu Fields is very extensive. With respect to their partners has not managed to consolidate the love with any. The partner leads to their backs two divorces and relationships as media as brief, but intense. It is the case of Pipi Estrada.

Terelu fields and palm Sunday

Some media claimed that he had a relationship with the entrepreneur Rafi Wayhowever none of the two confimaron. She admitted that there was a “good relationship”. It’s also been reported that she had an affair with a bullfighter, Martín Pareja Obregón. This would only have been a summer romance to heal the wound left by the Magazines.

Without a doubt the most marked him was Alejandro Rubio, basically because he was the father of her daughter Alejandra Rubio and who he married in 1998. In 2003 the relationship ended.

He also had a relationship with the well-known face Pipi Estrada, something over a year, but it came to nothing more. Lasted more rumors and gossip.

Carlos Agrelo, another successful entrepreneur. With he broke up the distance. He lived in Galicia. Were coming out something more than a year. With Celso Garcia kept the relationship more discreet. Even came out in the press. Also was with a lawyer, Salvador Perez.

Carlos Pompo it is one of the couple most recent. Without a doubt, has been deeply engraved in the heart of Terelu because it was in the toughest moments of the presenter. And also been with a boxer.

Without a doubt, by reviewing the history of Terelu Fields we realize that all these are characters of the jet set. The upper class Spanish. Among the professions most prominent businessmen, bullfighters, or lawyers. Also some face in the media. It has never come to fall in love with a humble person and mileurista. “This only goes for the money”, they say. “Curriculum VIP”, they laugh.“They can do a GH VIP with the bride and groom of Terelu”.

Right now Terelu Fields has no relationship or so she says. The contributor feels somewhat depressed and does not want anyone to see her naked due to the scars caused by the operations they underwent in the past as the double mastectomy. In fact since we don’t see it on the beach with a bikini, as much with a swimsuit.

Terelu Fields do not have the self-esteem enough to open your heart to someone, although it has been getting to know someone during these months and, of course, also meets their most important requirement. A good profession and a good salary.