The trick of WhatsApp to delete voice messages once sent



April 07, 2020
(18:49 CET)

The life of human beings is evolving with a speed that we don’t notice at the first change. One of the tools of communication that have changed the world with her arrival, was the WhatsApp. The expansion of this messaging application is stratospheric. The first three countries that accumulate more number of users are India (340 million U), Brazil (99 million U), and the united States (68 million U). Spain is in the TOP 10 with her ninth place thanks to 30.5 million consumers. The numbers only give us an idea of the digital movement that, to continue to increase, demand positive changes.

The positive changes claimed by the users are displayed in the form of updates. Each of these brings with it a few tricks that are ignored.


One of the latest tricks that can be done is related to the voice messages once sent. It happens that we are talking about the most fluid voice notes, but it escapes us something that is not in the sense that we wanted to give. When we think that there is nothing to do and we are resigned to sending it, the truth is that yes, there is a possibility fairly simple and functional.

The salvation of the voice messages in WhatsApp

To discard that message, unwanted once you’ve recorded, what you have to do is slide your finger to the right area of your screen, which the application will notice immediately and will delete the voice note.

For the next, you already know what you need to apply in the search of saving your disastrous voice message. This would only be one of many tricks that exist and continue to appear with each new update of WhatsApp. As data general, it is possible to send quick messages, phrases in italics, bold, strikethrough, change font size, among many others. What will be the next big revolution of this application?