The youtuber James Charles, criticized for creating a makeup of a victim of abuse


The confinement to which it is subjected a large part of the population of the world due to the crisis of the coronavirus is leading to the emergence of many challenges on the different social platforms that are intended to make more pleasant the long days of quarantine. It is challenges of all kinds that the different users can share via hashtags viral.

And although these ‘challenges’ are seeking only constitute proposals harmless to kill the time, individual responsibility should always be present at the time of joining any of them and decided to share the own participation of the public. Especially if you have a number of stratospheric followers in the networks. And that seems not to have thought of with head the connotations of its unfortunate bet for one of these challenges has been the famous youtuber american James Charles.

The young man has become a star of the Internet by its elaborate tutorials of makeupand have come even to be regarded as positive examples in the breakdown of gender biases. With 17 million followers on Instagram, the youtuber has proven to be an artist in the creative use of cosmetic. However, has skated badly at the join to the #MughshotChallenge of TikTok, which invites users to recreate through pictures how to imagine that it would be his mug.

And Charles has not occurred yet another thing to share this Monday two images, one front and one profile, with a make-up that simulates the appearance of a victim of abuse, with blood and a black eye. The snapshots have not been slow in unleashing a wave of criticism fierce, and there have been many who have condemned the influencer of irresponsible, insensitive or unconscious.

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A publication shared James Charles (@jamescharles) the

But despite deleting Twitter the two portraits after the outbreak of the controversy, Charles has not done so in Instagram, and in addition, it has been defended by arguing the following: “Although hundreds of influencers and artists have done similar thingsI have removed the MughshotChallenge because it was never my intention to provoke anyone and it is a waste of time trying to openly discuss with people that hate me anyway“.