These are the celebrities who have donated money to fight the COVID-19


To face a global pandemic is not something for which nobody could be prepared, and to find the economic resources to support all the causes and sectors of the population that will need special attention is uphill, to say the least, it is for this reason that actions like those of these artists who are the celebrities who have donated money and allocate part of your fortune to the fight against the coronavirus and to collaborate with the most vulnerable sectors, must be recognized and applauded.

This is the list of the famous who have made a valuable contribution in the midst of the health crisis:

  • Angelina Jolie: The actress is known for her humanitarian work around the world, has been ambassador and special envoy of the United Nations high Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and has been dedicated to various causes with the creation of their own foundations. In this opportunity, the Hollywood star made a donation of 1 million dollars to combat child hunger during this pandemic, through the organization No Kid Hungry, which will provide food to children of low income families around the united States who rely on food support from the educational system, which is paralysed in this moment.
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  • Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift or “this beautiful, magical and incredible human being”, as he described a fan who, unexpectedly, received a donation of 3000 dollars of the part of the singerto help you pay your bills. For her part, Holly Turner, photographer music, he shared an emotional message sent to you by the interpreter Loverthat said: “Holly, you’ve always been there for me. I want to be there for you at this time. I hope this helps. With love, Taylor”accompanied by a donation with the same amount of 3 thousand dollars. Apparently, it is a gesture that Swift has been repeated with several of their followers on social networks who have expressed concern for their economic situation. A great gesture on the part of the artist.
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  • Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively: One of the couples favorite Hollywood made a contribution to the people that have been affected economically during the pandemic. Through a post published on his account InstagramRyan Reynolds announced that they would do a donation 1 million dollars for the foundations, Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. “COVID-19 has impacted brutally on older adults and low-income families… If you can donate, these organizations need our help” he expressed the actor.
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  • Rihanna: Clara Lionel Foundation, the foundation created by Rihanna, named in honor of his grandparents, has made a donation of 5 million dollars to help with the battle against the coronavirus. The funds would be allocated to various organizations for the purposes of power, research to develop a vaccine against the virus, protective equipment for health care workers who are at the forefront of the struggle, and speed up the process of testing and care in countries such as Haiti and Malawi. Similarly, the singer performed a direct donation of protective equipment and medical supplies to the health staff that faces the COVID-19 in New York.
  • Kristen Bell: The protagonist of Frozen and The Good Place donated $150.007,96 the american foundation No Kid Hungry who, as he points out, “work tirelessly to provide food to the pancitas hungry across the country” and explained that the atypical number must be that when their children heard of the donation, they asked if they could add the money you had in your piggy bank? “could Not have been more proud to add these extras and important 7 dollars and 96 cents,” said Bell in his account of Instagram.
  • Ciara and Russell Wilson: The musical star and her husband, quarterback of the NFLannounced in a video posted on Twitter that would make a donation of one million meals the organization Seattle Food Lifelineby means of the foundation Feeding America. In the video, the couple said: “Everything we do together makes a difference, and together we will overcome this difficult moment we are going through. We have faith. We want to encourage everyone to keep the faith.”
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: The actor shared on his account Instagramthe link of a campaign GoFundMeentitled ‘Frontline Responders Fund’, created to support with inputs to the personal health that is located in the first row fighting against the virus, and announced his donation of 1 million dollars to contribute to the cause. “This is a simple way to protect our real heroes in action in the first row in our hospitals, and I am proud to be a part of it”said the protagonist of the Terminator.
  • Donattela and Allegra Versace: With a contribution of 200 thousand euros the Hospital San Raffaele of Milan, the director of the well-known fashion house and her daughter joined the battle against the COVID-19. “Our hearts are with all those who have been affected by this disease and all the doctors and medical staff that has been working heroically non-stop in the last few weeks with the intention of caring for our loved ones”said Versace in a statement.

Other acts of solidarity in these hard moments, which include the initiative of stars such as Josh Gad (voice of Olaf ☃️) who offered to perform short readings for children -and adults, without judgment – all of the nights in Twitterwith the intention of accompany the families for at least 10 minutes and have a little fun together.

Among other celebrities who have donated money this Emilia Clarke, the actress from the cult series Game of Thronesalso had a great idea to motivate people to make a donation to your charity call ‘SameYou’. The star announced that I would organize a dinner virtual to those who are able to donate and help raise funds for the purchase of equipment and resources for hospitals that work with patients with brain damage.

For his part, the beloved actresses Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams joined in the same cause, and announced the launch of their beautiful initiative dubbed ‘Save With Stories’ in Instagramthat will generate educational content and entertainment for children, with stories narrated by celebrities, with the purpose of getting small donations and providing resources and needed supplies for the children who depend on their schools for food. The stars will work hand-in-hand organizations Save The Children and No Kid Hungry.

Another great initiative was that of the producers of dramatic series as Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident and The Good Doctor, those who decided to donate all of their medical supplies to the real doctors and health workers who really need them at this moment.

Each of these actions, we demonstrate that the entertainment industry is not so shallow after all. Every gesture of solidarity should be valued, however small. We’re in this together ??.