This actor of ‘Avengers’ could be Ares in the movie ‘God of War’


To save the galaxy god of Olympus.

Some time ago began to circulate rumors of a possible adaptation to the big screen of the video game exclusive PlayStation, God of Waris yet to come.

In recent days, even, it was reported that the study commissioned to carry the story to the cinemas will be Universal Picturesbecause apparently he won the battle that different studies remained to be done with the rights to this franchise, among which was also Netflix who sought to adapt it as a series live action.

And in the plans of Universal, is already having to Jason Momoa as the protagonist of the story, so that the actor would be in charge of giving life to Kratos. But now, it seems that also in the look who could interpret the true god of war Greek mythology, Ares.

According to reports We Got This Covered, Universal would be looking to Dave Bautista to the project as the god Ares, who in the history of the video game, cheat Kratos to be his main weapon with which to meet all of its objectives, to be pursued by the spartan.

Baptist is remembered for her role as a professional wrestler in the WWE. Then he took the leap to the cinema and was chosen by James Gunn for playing Drax in the tapes Guardians of the galaxy, joining the Movie universe of Marvel and also involved in the successful Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Without doubt, it would be a big confrontation we would see between Momoa and Baptist realized his involvement in the tape live action of God of Warthat , despite having the production of Universal, it is said that Sony could coproducirla to have the rights of the interactive. For its part, the franchise remains one of the most successful for PlayStation and it is known that Santa Monica Studioresponsible of video games, is already working on the next adventure of Kratos.

What do you think of that Dave Bautista interpret Ares? Do you like it or you have someone else in mind?