This parody of Kim Kardashian has an important message about the confinement


To launch the message of “stay at home” is very easy when you live in a mansion of 70,000 square metres, four swimming pools (two heated and two of the normal), golf course, a garden bigger than the Camp Nou, a gym bigger than the Go Fit… And a long etcetera. At least this is how he has described Martita de Graná the house of Kim Kardashian.

And it is well known that the entrepreneur, who has launched a number of messages of support and encouragement to stay at home during the days of quarantine by the coronavirus, isn’t precisely short on money (or at home). And of course, when he says all this from the paradise that has become your home, it’s not a lot of grace to those who follow and watch their videos from your interior floor thirty feet square, with luck, it has a balcony on which it is to be a plastic chair.

So what is reflected Martita de Graná, the comedian already had all earned before the quarantine, but it is gaining even more followers from that, like the rest of Spain, lives confined in her flat. “I know that for all you are doing is very boring these days of confinement, I get the house above”, released ironically in an imitation of Kim Kardashian. “Therefore I send you all my love and much encouragement,” he concludes while you comb your hair, and wears a prominent sunglasses.