‘Tiger King’, the phenomenon of Netflix, you might have an episode of meeting and a sequel


In addition to films and series, Netflix has gained a few successes in the sector of the docuseries, especially of the ‘true crimes’. From ‘Making a Murderer’ or ‘the cats or touch them’, the Spanish ‘The case Alcàsser’, the streaming platform is getting entanglement with real stories of horrible people. His last phenomenon in this genre is ‘the Tiger King’, a series that began investigating the lives of owners of large cats in the united States and ended up uncovering attempts of murder, polygamy and animal exploitation.

Tiger King

If you’ve already devoured all seven episodes of the series from Netflix that introduced us to Joe Exotic, tranquil because it is more, or so says one of their husbands. Dillon Passage commented on SiriusXM radio (via Digital Spy) that there’s going to be an episode in vivo, as a kind of reunion with some of the protagonists of this rare story, although he has not been contacted to participate.

This statement is in addition to what Jeff said Lowe, the man who had been left in charge of the zoo, Joe Exotic when this ended up in jail. In response to Justin Turner, major league baseball player, who declared himself a fan of ‘Tiger King’, Lowe said in a video: “Hello Kourtney and Justin, we are Jeff and Lauren of ‘Tiger King’ of Netflix. Thanks for watching our program. Christine (Dishner) said that you were fans and… you need a life, you have just wasted seven hours on us. Beware, I want to. Netflix is going to add one more episode, next week. We recorded it here in the morning. That meeting would be, because of the fall, but we don’t know who will participate. We know who will not: Carole Baskin, an enemy of Joe Exotic. We have not said anything about a new episode and not participaríamos if we ask for it. Baskin has been very critical of the image that show of her and her business in the documentary, noting that she sold a program to denounce the exploitation of the offspring of big cats and that ended up being something “with the single goal of being all obscene and sensationalist as possible to attract viewers”.

“The sequel to final”

In addition to this course extra inning, the that Netflix has not said anything yet, there is a sequel sole-up. The channel Investigation Discovery will take care of it and has described it as “the sequel to final”. Titled ‘Investigating the Strange World of Joe Exotic’, deepen enmity between Exotic and Baskin, and the accusations that she had killed her first husband. Will be told from the point of view of Joe Exotic, and has no release date but it is clear that the fashion of ‘Tiger King’ has string to hang.