‘V’ BTS passes the quarantine dancing and creates challenge viral for your fans: VIDEO: South Korea: Twitter


Editor: The Popular05 Apr 2020 | 16:05 h

A fun way to interact with their fans. Since the discovery of the first case of coronavirus in Asiathis has expanded all over the world, and has reached countries such as South Korea. For this reason, BTS is doing in quarantine.

The six members of the grouping are in isolation together, and one of them, ‘V‘, she decided to share what he does in his days off and then create a challenge viral for its ‘Army’.

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Through the official account of Twitter the group K-Pop, the artist was surprised to show off dancing in front of the tv in your living room, which was playing the video of ‘Closer’ of Halsey & The Chainsmokers.

In this recording, he tries to repeat the movements that you see on the screen, while you try to chant the correct letter of the song. As the description of the clip, Taehyung (real name of ‘V’) wrote the following: “All of you, when you’re bored, have a conversation with your tv. #StayingAtHomeChallenge “.

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With these words, the artist is south Korean started the hashtag so that your followers can share videos and photographs of the activities they conduct while they are at home, in compliance with the social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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