V of BTS is so influential that he got his own emoji for Twitter


V did it again

The influence who are the idols of BTS it is undeniable and each one of them has managed to position itself in different ways, and V (Taehyung) got what few people or events in Twitter: have a emoji.

In this moment of history, the language has taken to emojis as a form of communication that can express emotions and messages that can easily be understood.

And then that V, to.k.to Taehyung, to join the promotion “stay at home” through a video that went up to Tik Tok and Twitter in the that is dancing and singing, the people decided to join to this.

Because they have talked about how to stay in home it will serve to address the pandemic by coronaviruses and COVID-19, and BTS on multiple occasions, from the beginning of the health emergency, has joined the cause.

Making use of his fame and influence to talk about the issue and ask the ARMY and the people in general that they care and do your part, because only working together will get you the infections will be reduced.

After the video, Twitter he recognized the work that V of BTS made with with the “Stay at home challenge” and decided to put a emoji next to the hashtag that the idol promoted for no other purpose than to promote this action.

Same that has not only been recognized by Twitter and ARMY, but also by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea, who thanked Taehyung by the same way and showed all their support V.

Up to the time the video the Bangtan in which he says that “if you’re boring speech with television,” while she dances and sings a version of “Closer” by Chainsmokers and the cover of the same with Halsey and Kento Chen, a sum more than 11 million views.