V of BTS shares with the ARMY adorable challenge before the COVID-19


During this quarantine that keeps many people at home as a preventive measure to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), V has been very active in the various social networks used by BTS to be in contact with the ARMY around the world.

The member of BTS has repeatedly asked the ARMY to stay at home to the sanitary contingency that humanity is living, “stay healthy” has expressed V. This weekend lit up the hearts purple fandom to share a gentle challenge to stay at home. In a video that the Idol was published on both Twitter accounts and TikTok BTS, dance and sing, a musical that looks at the television in his room.

Next to this cuddly video, Tae wrote on Twitter:

If you’re bored, have a conversation with your television. #StayAtHomeChallenge.

It is worth mentioning that the presentation V was enjoying when the took the video (the ARMY asks who was it?), is “Retro ’50s prom style Chainsmoker/Halsey Cover ft. Kenton Chen” of PostmodernJukebox.

Through TikTok the ARMY has released videos carrying out the challenge that made Taehyung; other fans have shown their reactions to seeing the video of V.

A few days ago through Weverse, the singer of BTS showed their concern for all those fans, who have not complied with the recommendation to stay in their homes, as a precautionary measure by the pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19). “What about what the ARMY promises to reduce the amount of times you visit different places where there are a lot of people?”.

All feel eager to get out as time goes by, also I’m sorry and ARMY, you never know, so I am very concerned.

One of the many photographs that V from BTS have been shared in Weverse during this quarantine by the COVID-19.

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