V teaches you how to have fun in quarantine


V share with the fans like is that you won’t be bored during this period of isolation.

The singer of BTS has posted a video in the account Twitter official group, where you can actually see how is goes has originally, since it looks like you enjoy music and express by means of the melodies.

Tae looks very comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt and a loose-fitting is in the middle of what looks like his living room, in front of the tv, watching a video a set called ‘Postmodern Jukebox’, those who have a style very original, creativethen , inspire in the retro sounds to make covers of songs modern and have more than 4 million subscribers.

The song that Tae chose was, ‘Closer – Retro50s Prom Style ft. Kenton Chen, melody original Halsey in collaboration with Chainsmokers.

In the description V placed: Guys, if you are bored try to chat with your TV, some fans replied that he cared, that he had an amazing energy, and thanking you for continue to troubled by his faithful fans.

Apparently V you have a great taste for the vintage culture or retrobecause on several occasions, he has, he enjoys a lot of the same old, and jazz styles similaralso in its aesthetics, at the time of dress.

Czech the video:

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