Val Kilmer spoke for the first time about his romance with Angelina Jolie


In 2004, when Val Kilmer and Angelina Jolie starred together in the film ‘Alexander’, the rumors of a romance between them sounded very strong, although at the moment not able to confirm. In 2017, the actor hinted that the relationship had existed when posting a message on social networks. However, just now finished bleach what happened back then.

Angelina is probably the most poignant and serious of all my lovers“ reveals Kilmer in the book in which he recounts his memoir, titled I’m Your Huckleberry. “When people ask me how it is, answer them that, as the other women and superstars, but more”.

Taking into account the dates, the love affair between them is given after Jolie’s split from Billy Bob Thornton, and a year before she started to record ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’, the film in which she met Brad Pitt.

“Once Angelina Jolie got me home in a jet. I was surprised, filling it with gardenias, but she had also decided to bring a French actor. She was angry,” she told Kilmer in 2017, in a posting on their social networks.

In addition to Jolie, Kilmer went out with other women in the world of the show, including Cher and Cindy Crawford. However, the most marked was the actress, Daryl Hannah. “God knows that I have a broken heart, but without a doubt what happened with Daryl was the most painful“. In his memoirs he also recognizes that today is single. “I have not had a girlfriend for the last 20 years. The truth is that I am alone much of the day,” he says.

In December 2017, the actor is finally recognized, after two years of rumors, unconfirmed, that he was giving a battle against throat cancer, a topic which also talks about in the book. “I have cured about four years ago, and has not returned until now, for which I am very grateful“.