Waiting for a Congress at the height of the situation, by Fernando Carvallo


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Today we will know if the Congress of the Republic it is able to act at the height of its responsibility to the severity of our circumstances. What is expected of him is not a vote in one direction or the other, but taking the necessary precautions, and without yielding to the precipitation that give rise to the passions. What is in debate is how and when to reform our pension system, private and public. During the past few years have increased the voices that criticise the AFP have been working with their backs to the expectations of its members. It is argued that the risks have been run workers listed each month a portion of their income and not the administrators, whose income is not subject to the ups and downs of the market. It is also said that the amount of the pension does not generally correspond with what was promised.

The issue fueled the anger of social a few weeks ago shook the chilean society. Since the 2017 had created a reform commission chaired by the then minister Alfredo Thornebut the turmoil of our political life prevented him from getting to a good port. The paralysis of the economy produced by the coronavirus has led the government to authorize the delivery of a portion of the funds to those who have not come to trade, being unemployed for the last few months. The president Vizcarra has announced a comprehensive reform “two or three months after they have left the quarantine”. The pension reform is in all countries, a complex challenge, which requires taking into account many aspects. The most recent test gives France, where the president Macron resigned last week to suspend its reform, to which he had resorted to a figure equivalent to the vote of confidence. Macron wanted to avoid a division in their country in a time in which the dead daily are counted by the hundreds.

The president of the Central Bank, Julio Velardehe explained that the finances of a small economy like ours depend on the trust you wake up in the virtue of fiscal policies are consistent and constant, not subject to the aleatoriedades of political life. In moments in which the rescue plan is being praised abroad, nothing seems more unfortunate than to hasten a reform which may lead to depreciate the bonds peruvians and consequently our currency. The effort made over decades has allowed us to have reservations, to avoid the inflation and the deficit, and access to credit with low interest rates. All of this can be seen fragilizado by a vote in plenary session without ever having previously passed by the Commission of Economy. It’s not about numbers abstract or of documents written for specialists. Of the Economy depends on workers to be able to charge, not to fail companies, to buy medical equipment and we have the means to improve the education of our children. This is not to defend private interests. It is about taking the time to evaluate the impact of a measure inspired by the boredom and the anger caused by years of neglect.

Meanwhile the Government has tightened some aspects of the confinement. From today and until next Sunday 12, women will be able to leave only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, while the men on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Anyone who is not explicitly authorised, for reasons of work you can get out on Sundays. Once again these are sacrifices that must be consented to limit contact and reduce the rate of infection. It is advisable to end by quoting a wise reflection of the psychiatrist Victor Frankl, holocaust survivor: “If you live a situation beautiful, enjoy it. If it is not beautiful, tries to transform it. If you can’t transform it, transform you.”

Things as they are