Warner would replace Ezra Miller as Flash


The actor of the Flash, Ezra Miller, became a trend during the past few days after a video in which we see how attacking a fan outside of a bar became viral. The consequences until the moment had meaning and negative feedback reprobatorios against the actor by the nature of their acts, however, the problem has reached such a level that now it is reported that Warner would be considering to give the thanks to replace it, definitely from the productions of DC.

So reported WGTC, who supposedly have insider information that comes directly from the bowels of the studio that was the home of Bugs Bunny. Supposedly, the bad reputation that has been built around the actor because of the unfortunate video, would have given them the perfect opportunity to perform a movement that had already seen from before.

Ezra Miller Is The Flash

The same site mentioned earlier had already reported in the past that Warner had plans introduce Wally West is another character behind the mask of the Flash, in search of to renew a large part of the team that gave life to the Justice Leaguein the tape of the same name that proved to be a failure in any of their fronts. So this whole situation could give them the opportunity to finally get rid of the character of Barry Allen and Ezra Miller with him.

The reception positive tape as Aquaman and Wonder Woman, which already has a sequel about to be released, left in a safe plot to Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot, who with certainty will continue to work on the franchise. However, Ben Affleck was the first to leave the team, and by the looks of it Ezra Miller could be the next.

Ezra Miller Is The Flash

On the other hand, Miller also keeps a contract with the company thanks to the saga of the magical world Fantastic Animals, where it is expected that his role copper relevance for the following deliveries. What Warner would also consider replacing it?

Since then, all of these claims so soon should be considered as rumors because they come from confidential sources that they can not give faith of the same.

What if you can give faith is of the violent acts perpetrated by Miller and that the whole world witnessed in the video. And is that recently an employee of the bar who was involved in this narrative, was able to corroborate that the actor was in the place and was taken out of the same then that a group of fans made him to lose temper.

Ezra Miller crendence

It seems that the Movie Universe of DC Comics is destined to encounter many problems.

What do you think of all these events? Does Ezra Miller deserves to go out of the franchises of Warner?