Websites for adults to increase their visits during the confinement


The confinement required is still very hard for a large part of the Spanish population. Although we don’t like, is something that is necessary to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Due to this, most of the sectors have been affected in their economy, except for a few that is crisis has affected them in a positive way. One of them is the industry of pornography that has increased their visits in a way overwhelming, as is the case of the platform of videos for adults with that we were able to speak to you to share your experience.

From the March 14,day , the day that began the state of alarm in Spain, the population has had to occupy their time in different ways, and one of them has been eating adult video. The platform consulted has told us that has had an increase of users is quite high with respect to the previous days. The recorded activity has been much higher, reaching moments to increase traffic by 30% in hours spot.

The previous data samples, as has been the increase of traffic on the web page. It has also been consulted if there has been a difference between men and women this last month. Once analyzed, it has come to the conclusion that the visits received have been a little higher in the male sex, with a 54,15% for the female sex with a 45,85%. So the situation is affecting in a similar way for both men and women.

In the following illustration we have consulted, which are still Spanish-speaking countries that the more pornography they are consuming in these moments. These have been: Mexico with a 20,78%, Spain with a 13,05%, Argentina with a 11,95%, Colombia with 10,31%, Peru with a 7,37 and Chile with 6,90%. Analyzing the data, Spain is the country that more porn you are consuming, behind only Mexico.

Seeing all of this data we have clear that the quarantine has completely changed our way of living. Another of the causes of this remarkable increase is that many people have stopped working (either by the prohibition of certain jobs that are not essential or by ERTES produced). Because of this, the population has more free time, which have had to occupy in different ways, being one of the most demanded lel consumption of erotic content.

One of the customs that has remained in Spain have been the terms sought by the spaniards. Being the most relevant searches “hentai uncensored“, “mature Spanish”, “lesbian”, “anal sex” and “madastras”. With regard to the top 5 of actresses and actors in the post number 1 remains the porn actor English Jordi “El Niño Cock“, closely followed by actresses Mia Khalifa, Lana Rhoades, Nicole Aniston and Ava Addams.

Finally, we can observe that the age range in which more consume pornography is between 25-34 years old, with a 33,50%, followed closely by the age range located between 18-24 years with a 27,50%.

As expected, once the end of the forty citizens will be able to return to their jobs and to recover the routine they had before appear the coronavirus, so that the sector dedicated to pornography will have a down considerable of visits to regain the level they were before all this.

On the other hand, several experts have said that a high consumption of pornography can be harmful to our brain, which can alter the structure and functioning of this. The consequence of this may be an addiction to porn because when we visualize erotic content, our brain releases a substance called dopamine, which is associated with the sensation of pleasure. A constant consumption of pornography leads to a continuous release of dopamine which can end up being a vicious circle which is hard to break. So we recommend a responsible consumption of pornography.