What a generous! Jennifer Lopez premieres show where it will donate thousands of dollars to those who need it


By very unreal as it sounds, celebrities the likes of Jennifer Lopez and others are going to release a program where the theme is to donate money to people who need it and will not be something small, but up to 100 thousand dollars for each episode.

Is incredible proposal comes from the hand of the platform of mobile devices Quibi, and will have JLoAlex Rodriguez, Nick Jonas, Kristen Bell and many more television personalities.

The songwriter he explained that the idea is that in each episode a star donate 100 thousand dollars to a person whose personal history has impacted, and that winner will have to give half of the money to another participant with the same dynamics.

It is expected to reach the million of dollars donated by great personalities such as the acclaimed singerwho is now promoting in their networks, the early arrival of this series.

“Thanks a Million” will also feature the participation of important figures in the sports world as you are Anthony Davis and Aaron Rodgers, who join an impressive list led by the renowned actress.

Jennifer Lopez commented on their social networks during these times of crisis, is when you should give much more to those who need all kinds of help.

The producer also recently announced that other celebrities were added to your project as Kevin Hart, Tracy Morgan, and Yara Shahidi.