What a tender! Millie Bobby Brown took home a new friend to fight the anxiety


One of the disadvantages of confinement preventive is that some people are dealing with anxiety issues, as he confessed Millie Bobby Brownwho chose to carry to your home a new “friend” and as well calming your panic attacks.

The young actress adopted to “Winnie the Pooh”, his new pet and with whom he is spending his days of social distancing, and who is helping in these days of uncertainty.

A few days ago star of Stranger Things revealed that he has had panic attacks in the past and is currently working to deal with it.

“Really, I started to have bad panic attacks. I am working on that, I’m not as carefree as before,” revealed the celebrity to his fans.

Winnie the Pooh joins her large family of pets, because the producer it already has three other dogs of great size to those who already can not lift, unlike his recent little buddy that is small breed.

By now the dog is living with his grandmother, who is also doing the quarantine away from his family, why Millie Bobby Brown we left it to Winnie.

“These are the best for anxiety,” said the personality a teenager who at his young age, is already one of the celebrities most important in television today.