What is born a new romance? Maluma in love with… oh, Look who it is!


The rumors about the love affairs between the reggaetón Maluma and Anitta return to arise. It transpired that are going through quarantine together. Both shared the podium at the Voice of Mexico. There would have been shot with arrows.

Although the colombian singer it has not been shown with a girlfriend since the breakup with Natalia Barulich, the press is pointing towards the brazilian as his new partner. In recent postings on Instagram, he let her see that you have to resort to a dummy to feel accompanied.

Hece 11 months, Maluma published on their YouTube site the “antics” of the two. And the chemistry is undeniable. On the birthday of Anittaat the end of last march, shell Happy, Four dedicated stories of congratulations on Instagram, but very sensual.

He wrote: “I love You, HBD queen” and a smiley heart. She will also dedicate in January, to the date of your birthday, a message with multiple photos, expressing how much he loves it. They have made several collaborations, like the song Yes No.

These celebrities are youth and millionaires… it Would be the perfect couple. Fans expect that the relationship comes to light. And quarantine to prevent the outbreak of coronavirus could help them!