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Don’t want to lose. Through the popular platform of YouTube, has unveiled a new viral video that has enternecido to thousands of users in various networks social. The images show the precise moment in which a young man returns to home after missing for a few hours

She didn’t imagine that when you return you would find your cat and your dog in a cute scene.

Thousands of netizens smiled with the images and shared them on multiple occasions, getting added more than 3 million views in just 3 days. Furthermore, it exceeded 81 000 ‘likes’ on YouTube, so now it is viral in several countries, including United States, Australia, and Mexico. Did you see the audiovisual material? Here we share with you.

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The images were originally published by the page 9GAG in Facebook, known for sharing viral of the same nature; however, it had so much popularity that it also came to platforms such as Twitter and YouTube.

The tender scene it was captured by a woman who returned home after being absent for a few minutes, when you enter his room he saw his elderly golden retriever and his cat baby playing together. The can was tired and just atinaba to look at the small; however, the feline was trying to get his attention.

The behavior of the kitten generated many comments on the publication by pointing out their good behavior and tenderness. Here we will share the viral video of Facebook. Don’t forget to check our photo gallery at the top of the note to see more.

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