12 pairs of celebrities who met thanks to the internet


The social networks, the technology and the internet in general have changed the way we interact with others and with our environment; the communication changed and our habits are molded to the new proposals.

With the change came a way of interacting with the family know people and being with the other; the different platforms digital came to give us a new option of contact, knowledge of the other, and yes, also, to meet new people.

No one was outside and up to the famous took advantage of the internet to meet and interact with others, not only fans or friends, but to that special person who, without look ahead, I would be life.

Artists or actors, musicians or singers, all of them successful, all millionaires, have passed by that opportunity meet someone online, a habit more typical of what we seem. By this section is presented to 12 couples famous thanks to the internet they were able to meet each other and brought that bond beyond friendship.

1.Wells Adams, and Sarah Hyland

The pair of famous. PHOTO: Instagram

Wells Adams stated on occasion that his now wife, Sarah Hyland met him through Instagram. But it was him, Wells, who decided to send the first message that led to an unexpected relationship.

2. Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin

Dylan Sprouse sent a message to Barbara Palvin, but it took 6 months before I could respond, the time in which he, patiently, waited for a message that ultimately arrived. Time after began dating and the rest is history.

3. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Joe and Sophie began to follow in Instagram, and in the beginning he started a communication with the actress, however, she thought that Joe was a moron, would say later. The internet connected and the life is joined, they are now married and expecting their first baby.

4. Justin Bieber and Audreyana Michell

Justin Bieber. PHOTO: Instagram

Justin Bieber had a relationship with the model Audeyana Michell before he married his current wife, Hailey. Justin contacted Audeyana via Insagram and they came out a couple of times.

5. Madelaine Petsch, and Travis Mills

Madelaine Petsch, and Travis Mills is seen during the auditions of Riverdale, but only began to speak when contacted by Facebook. After months of being in communication Travis invited her to the cinema. They went for three years.

6. Calvin Harris and Rita Ora

The famous DJ’s in Egypt. PHOTO: Instagram

Calvin Harris and Rita Ora met by the internet; it started with some messages and subsequently gave way to something more.

7. Jake T. Austin and
Danielle Ceasar

Danielle Ceasar always acknowledged to be a big fan of the program on which he appeared, Jake T. Austin, for this reason, we tried to contact on numerous occasions, however it was not until five years later that he got a response and they started to leave.

8. Ryan Lochte and Kayla Rae Reid

Ryan Lochte was the one who started it all; she sent a message to the model Kayla Rae Reid for Instagram, and invited her for a drink; after talking to about 10 hours, decided to leave.

9. Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef

The married couple. PHOTO: Instagram

Ricky Martin met Jwan Yosef in Instagram, a social network where you began to follow as he admired his art. After a time he dared to send a message, it was months of communication until they decided to meet in London, now they are married.

10. Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

These great actresses started their relationship after followed
on Twitter, from there began a flirtation that grew through messages
internal, with the time started to come out.

11. Mandy Moore and Taylor

The beautiful couple. PHOTO: Instagram

Mandy Moore shared a picture of the band Dawes Taylor
Goldsmith on Instagram, because he was a great admirer. Taylor saw the photo,
liked it, and decided to send an email, from there began to
written and also decided to get out.

12. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

Nick and his wife. PHOTO: Instagram

Nick Jonas was dabbling in the world of relationships through the internet when he met his wife Priyanka Chopra. After several months of contacting you by Twitter, met at a party for the Oscar in 2017. From there they were to be written for a year, then came the first appointment.

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