28 movies in streaming at this time (April 2020)


If you are doing your part, and stays inside during these days of sad and terrifying coronavirus, I salute you. Probably also you’re looking for some ways to fill the hours.

Well, we can help there. We have recommendations for 28 documentary fantastic currently streamed on Netflix. Some are informative, others are entertaining, they are all well made. You are not in a particular order, just a bunch of movies that I really enjoyed.

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Ok, we’re going to our list.

1. MISS AMERICAN: this biodoc of Taylor Swift is much more touching than I ever would have imagined, and breaks down the pop star’s perfect in a place of true humanity.

2. FYRE – A look delicious to the Fyre Festival, one of the great scams of our time, and the aftermath.

3. HOMECOMING – Another biodoc musical that gives a vision a little more broken someone is, Beyonce, who embodies the perfection, it is often difficult to see her as a real person.

4. AMY: this documentary about the life and death of Amy Winehouse is benefiting from a home video that was shared from their rise to fame.

5. STORIES OF BILL MURRAY: this small and charming documentary explores the famous stories of Bill Murray that you probably heard. (My favorite has to be Bill Murray behind someone in a park, give her a hug and then mumbling in your ear “you’ll never believe it”). What is so magical is that the movie discovers enough to be true. to make it possible for any of them.

6. ONE OF US – This heart-breaking look amazing and to three people who are trying to get out of a sect of jewish-orthodox in the city of New York will appeal to anyone who is a fan of the movies powerful.

7. CRIP’s CAMP – This documentary offers a glance moving to a summer camp that was developed for children with disabilities.

8. ICARUS – What is so amazing in this Oscar winning film is that it is not at all the film that the director set out to do. What starts as a look Supersize Me-esque doping of athletes soon turns into a thriller of international espionage and becomes a masterpiece in the process.

9. SENNA – One of the great documentaries sports ever made. Senna goes beyond the world of racing to become a movie the pride and the sacrifices we make for greatness.

10. Miles DAVIS: BIRTH OF THE COOL – The footage is so incredible, the music is so good that it is a must visit for anyone who has a passing interest in jazz.

11. OPERATION ODESSA – The wild and true story of a gangster Russian, a cuban spy and a con man from Miami who joined for the deal of your life, trying to negotiate the sale of a nuclear submarine.

12. JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI – My vote for the best documentary of food ever made, JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI tells the story of a small sushi restaurant in a subway station, and how the pursuit of perfection on the part of its owner it became one of the best restaurants. in the world. It begins as a film about the drive for excellence, and ends up as one about a father and his children.

13. SOUR GRAPES – A spectacular thriller of crime real on a con man who deceived the world of collectors of wines in the ultra high range. One in which everyone, from top to bottom, they look stupid, and you can sit at home and laugh.

14. SEARCH FOR MEN OF SUGAR – movies-of-Quest are amazing, and there are few better than this search of a musician who was once great, Rodriguez, that were almost lost in the story.

15. THE 92 – A gaze unwavering and terrifying to THE unrest in 1992. This document not only manages to show the deployment of the carnage, but it provides an important context and an understanding of how to burst the barrel of gunpowder.

16. Knock down the house: this film began as a look at various political candidates for the first time in 2018, but finally focuses in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and his unlikely race for Congress.

17. THE DAWN WALL – Recently we’ve had an impressive series of documentaries about mountaineering, and this is among the best.

18. WOODSTOCK: THREE DAYS THAT DEFINED A GENERATION: the incredible material found is what distinguishes this document, as it shows not only the proceedings but the entire event, from setup to breakdown. Makes you feel part of the magic.

19. Mission CONTROL – My favorite part of APOLLO 13 was always the hard cuts to the control room, where the men frantic of the Earth work tirelessly to save the lives of astronauts in space. This documentary tells the stories of the real men who made it possible.

20. THEATRE OF LIFE: it is almost impossible not to be carried away by the story of chef Massimo Bottura in this documentary of food, which shows Bottura opened a dining room for the hungry with the remains of food that is wasted in stores.

21. MOUNTAIN – This is one of the documentary’s most unusual that I’ve seen, but I really loved it. Forget about a plot or conflict; instead, the film takes you to the top of the peaks of the world’s largest, only pausing to offer a reflective narrative account and sporadically. It is strange and fascinating.

21. BOMBSHELL: THE STORY OF HEDY LAMARR – did you Know that the Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr invented a radio system that would be the basis of the Bluetooth technology? What would you do if you saw this entertaining documentary.

22. THE BASTARDS MATEADOS BASEBALL – This magical film follows the father of Kurt Russell, Bing Russell, and his quest to form a team of semi-professional baseball.

23. THE LAST MAN ON THE MOON – Lots of people know about Neil Armstrong. Few know Eugene Cernan, the last man to set foot on the moon. By telling their story, the filmmakers also make great questions about why he ended our space program and where we go from here.

24. I LOVE you WHEN I’M DEAD: a funny look and dark of the life of the great author Orson Welles is a great watch for movie buffs.

25. JIM & ANDY – what Is this documentary, which shows the method of performance of Jim Carrey as Andy Kauffman in THE MAN ON THE MOON, a documentary real? What is another joke, an ode to the anti-humor of Andy Kauffman? Try to decide for yourself is half the fun. One of my favorite experiences of watching movies in some time.

26. VIRUNGA – A documentary that examines a refuge of gorillas in the Congo and the dedicated men who protect the animals within it.

27. THE SQUARE – This film allows you to go to Tahrir square and see how it unfolds, the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 in real-time. One of the most incredible feats of modern cinema.

28. E-TEAM: a look sobering at the Emergencies Team, a group of intrepid investigators travel the globe to investigate human rights abuses.