4 exercises to strengthen the glutes, the coach of Kim Kardashian


To tone the buttocks and increase their volume are the most sought after at the time to start practicing a routine of exercises. The inspiration to do so, you can come from celebrities who set the example, with the help of their personal trainers. In the case of Kim Kardashian, the entrepreneur of KKW Beauty performs his routine of physical activity with the coach american Melissa Alcantara. In this series of exercises, the work of the buttocks requires particular attention.

Melissa Alcantara has shown through its account Instagram some exercises to work on different parts of the body and there are some that can be retrieved perfectly to apply the work of buttocks. The trainer shared some of the best for tonificarlos, here gather some of the most relevant.

Jump squats

As we have discussed on previous occasions, the squat it is one of the exercises to complete which not only serves for legs, also for the buttocks. In his last stories of Instagram, Melissa Alcantara proposed four sets of 20 jump squats, the correct way of doing them is keeping your back straight and legs aligned with the hips. When you make the jump, it supports the sole of the foot, keeps jumping in with the tips that the effort from the heels.

Kick buttock

Exercise kick-buttock.

© Maridav

In their accounts of Instagram and YouTubethe coach Kim Kardashian frequently comments on the benefits of this exercise. Consists of placed on the ground to support in the arms and send the back leg with the floor completely straight, when you slam the kick, do it toward the ceiling, as according to the coachthis is the secret to work and strengthen the glutes with this exercise.

Lifting of pelvis

Lifting of pelvis.

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This is another of the exercises more popular to perform the work of the glutes effectively. In a capsule very short for your channel YouTube, Melissa Alcantara shows that the manner of performing this routine (also known as hip-ups) is doing the famous lift the pelvis but with the variation of support legs on a surface higher to push just before your buttocks touch the floor. Remember to tighten this part of your body as they rise and find the strength in your abdomen to not to hurt your pelvisbecause it is not the right place to concentrate the effort in this exercise.


Exercise lunge.

© diego_cervo

Lunges also help Kim Kardashian keep your glutes and legs in shape. The way in which your coach encourages you to run them is to keep the consciousness of the muscles of the back to oprimirlos. The take the step to do the lunge, must be depressed fully with the heel and placing the hands on the waist to maintain balance, the knees should be flexed approximately 90 degrees without exceeding the tip of the foot. As we move forward with the next leg, must be depressed again with the heel and finish with the legs straight to repeat the exercise twenty times for four repetitions.