A star of Marvel in the look to play the villain in the movie of “God Of War”


Historically, the adaptations of video games have had a questionable reception in the cinemas. However, during the last time it seems that the curse has been reversed. In the past year “Detective Pikachu” you stole the first post to “Warcraft”, resulting in a resounding success at the ticket office. Recently, the movie “Sonic”, exceeded the barrier of 300 million dollars at the box office worldwide.

In the field of streaming“The Witcher”, it has become one of the most consumed for the last time on Netflix. Following the trend, it seems that finally the gamers have become the target audience of the industry, and it is not unlikely that another popular title you can finally get your green light, for a cinematic treatment.

We mentioned recently that Universal is to be found in the development of an adaptation of “God Of War”with Jason Momoaas the favorite for the leading role. But in a recent update of WGTC, reliable sources to the environment (the same that ensured the return of Have to the franchise “Fast and Furious”), is put forward also a major star in the role of the villain.

Dave Bautistawho gave life to Drax in the Movie Universe of Marvel, would be one of the preferred to give life to Ares. This probably indicates that the film will adapt the first “God Of War”. In 2005, this introduced us to Kratos while esculpía a way bloody through the Greek pantheon. Your goal in the game was, Ares, the god owner that tricked him to kill his wife and daughter.

If the rumors are true, the plot would be a great starter for the franchise. Baptist would also be an Ares decent. If Universal makes their own, you can expect an epic final fight where Kratos and Ares grow to the size of Godzilla, in the case of a real duel of titans. For more details on this project please, remember this previous note of The Uncompromising.