Alex Morgan signing with Nike for a new contract with a clause of post-partum


Alex Morgan is the protagonist of the cover of Glamour magazine just before being a mother for the first time. The front of the selection american let photograph as never before has been seen. With a dress from Carolina Herrera that hints of his pronounced belly, poses very elegant for such a publication. The front talks about what it’s going to make this change in your life. Also of the suspension of the Olympic games of Tokyo, date on which thought come back. Also consider that just renew with Nike

Morgan planned strategically your pregnancy after the World cup in France in order to get to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Was only going to be three months after giving birth. His goal was to continue with his sports career as soon as possible. That is why it has been training hard with his companions of the selection in these months of gestation. In the end his plans have been altered: “I think that is the decision most successful suspend your celebration. I tried to see it more from the perspective of the computer, but I could not help thinking of myself with all of the stress that is causing the coronavirus, in addition to trying to get back in shape in so little time. Taking into account all the factors, voted to postpone. That is the best decision for all athletes in all events.”

“Suspend the JJ OO is an informed decision”


The famous player acknowledges that he heard many voices that questioned his return to football after being already at the top. “The fans were saying “why do something like that now, in this moment of your career?”. It is not that women are not able to do both of these things, because our bodies are amazing, is that the world is not really ready for women to thrive. I’m even afraid to make it public. But this is my life, my body, my family… I Was tired of the discussions of the absurd of “what can be a mother and at the same time to stay on top?”. There is No reason to slow down to have a family. I have the strength enough to be able to come back.”

The player of the Orlando Pride is launched to encourage all the athletes to think on them and form a family. “I want to be open about my journey because I want women to feel that they have to choose one or the other. How many more female athletes are mothers in their career, the better, from Allyson Felix to Serena Williams and my teammate Sydney Leroux. The more challenged the system, the more it will change,” he says.

What really concerned right now, the footballer, is the delivery, since it will be affected by exceptional conditions after the expansion of the coronavirus. “This scares me. I would not feel comfortable if I had to give birth without my husband. But I’ll go to a hospital yet. This has been a big topic of argument with my partner, with my mother. I would like it to be natural, without numbing my body. I have gone through many sports injuries and I suffered a lot of pain, but nothing will be comparable with the delivery. I feel that if you don’t experiment it, I will never know really what I can do.”

“As we neared my due date, I have gone through many scenarios. `What would happen if she were still pregnant at 41 weeks, losing seven precious days of recovery time before you need to return to the field? What would happen if I could not get the balance of taking care of myself and take care of my daughter properly?’ Now, luckily, I don’t have to worry about that.”

“I feel that if I do not feel the birth, I will never know really what I can do”


Finally, he spoke about the new contract that just closed with Nike, which is the image from over a decade ago. “My contract with Nike ended and we just re-sign for a long period, and support me a lot.” His new contract includes stunning clauses of motherhood: 18 months of payment guaranteed even if you can’t compete, according to the contract details shared with Glamour.