All that have made these famous in the fight against the Covid-19


All that have made these famous in the fight against the Covid-19

The american singer Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend, the australian Cody Simpson, they went to a hospital to deliver tacos to the medical staff before the pandemic caused by the COVID-19.


In time, as difficult as which is now live, many celebrities have shown solidarity and have supported the most needy.

Some offer music online, other supporting fans and a few more to foundations or to medical personnel.


Coronavirus exhibited poor health care system of several countries

In this note, we will make a compilation of some of the acts bondados of artists and athletes:

Elton John launches emergency fund for COVID-19

The singer and british composer Elton John, launched an emergency fund for COVID-19 of a million dollars, this from the foundation that was created in 1992 against HIV/AIDS, EJAF (Elton John Aids Foundation, a cause that will keep you engaged during the pandemic that is facing.

Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend delivered tacos to medical staff

The american singer Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend, the australian Cody Simpson, they went to a hospital to deliver tacos to the medical staff before the pandemic caused by the COVID-19.

Fall Out Boy donates $ 100k to victims of Covid-19

The band’s u.s. Fall Out Boy is added to the celebrities who do altruistic work on behalf of organizations to assist the victims of the outbreak of world Covid-19, the rockers decided to donate 100 thousand dollars to an institution of his native city, Chicago.

Jay Z supplies face cloths to prisons in the united States

Before the pandemic COVID-19, rappers Jay-Z and Meek Mill, through their organisation, the Reform Alliance, made the donation of 100 thousand face cloths for the inmates and staff in some prisons of the united States, as they are one of the sectors most affected and prone to catching the virus, especially by the impediment of complying with social distancing.

Join beauty queens against the virus

Andrea Toscano, who represented Mexico in the Miss Universe pageant 2018; Ximena Navarrete, winner of the same contest in the 2010 edition; Denisse Franco, crowned in Our Beauty Mexico, 2017; and Sofia Aragon, who recently became the second finalist of the Miss Universe pageant, joined the initiative Crowns against the virus, determination of Vanessa Ponce de Leon, for support to the contingency.

Academy Oscar donates 6 million to help the unemployed by coronavirus

The Academy of motion picture Arts and Sciences will donate $ 6 million to help the employees of the industry were left without work by the pandemic of the coronavirus. Will donate 2 million to The Actors Fund, which supports artists and workers of back of camera; 2 million for Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPFT), a non-profit organization that offers support to members of the shows, and another 2 million to Academy Foundation, their own charitable organization.

DiCaprio joins forces to provide food

With the goal of providing food to people affected by the crisis stemming from the Covid-19, the american actor Leonardo DiCaprio creates Americas Food Fund, along with other organizations. So far they have raised more than $ 12 million and expected to reach 15 million.

Metallica joins organizations that support those affected

Through her foundation, the grouping of us rock Metallica, decided to donate several thousand dollars to those affected by the COVID19, in addition to seeking to raise money through a series that have been released: Metallica Mondays.

Armani leaves the fashion and manufactures gowns to help doctors

The entrepreneur and designer of Italian fashion Giorgio Armani is using its production plants in Italy to manufacture gowns, medical disposable personal fight against the pandemic Covid-19.

Dolly Parton donates a million dollars to research Covid-19

Parton tweeted that he would donate a million dollars to the Medical Center of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, for the research of the virus. In addition, Parton is working with his charitable foundation The Imagination Library to read children’s books on YouTube every Thursday at 7 p. m for 10 weeks.

Emilia Clarke will have dinner virtually with fans who donate to the Covid-19

The british actress Emilia Clarke, known for his character “Daenerys Targaryen” in Game of Thrones, will have dinner with 12 randomly chosen people, with the aim of raising funds to help with medical material to the propagation of the COVID-19.

Rihanna and Jay Z donate 2 billion to affected by COVID19

Before the pandemic COVID19, singers Rihanna and Jay Z, have donated two million dollars to provide support to vulnerable communities that reside in New York and Los Angeles.

Penelope Cruz donates material to a hospital to face the coronavirus

The Spanish actors Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem donated medical supplies to a hospital in Madrid and will seek to support them with supplies during the crisis by the global pandemic of coronavirus.

Foundation of Michael Jackson helps musicians affected by coronavirus

Acasi 11 years of his death, Michael Jackson continues with his works of philanthropy, now through his foundation, Michael Jackson Estate, which has donated 300 thousand dollars to help those affected by the coronavirus in three communities: musicians, Broadway, and Las Vegas, as reported by John Branca and John McClain, co-directors of the Fund.

Shakira suspended production of their perfumes to make gel antibacterial

The singer colombina decided to suspend the production of their perfumes, which makes the company Puig, to instead manufacture hand sanitizers that will be donated to the Spanish government. This is due to the high demand of this product which helps to prevent infections.

Taylor Swift donates money to his followers to pandemic COVID-19

Taylor Swift has been marked by his great generosity, as when they have happened, tragedies such as the Tennessee hollow watershed with the tornado, the singer helps the affected, now before the pandemic COVID-19, has done the same thing, supporting their followers who have shared through their social networks that are in economic problems.

Arnold Schwarzenegger donates 1 billion for medical supplies

The actor and former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, donated a million dollars to carry supplies to physicians and hospitals that struggle against the pandemic of coronavirus.

Ricky Martin launches initiative to help doctors

The puerto rican singer, Ricky Martin went up an initiative on your social networks, with which it seeks to raise funds to help doctors and hospitals in this process of struggle against the COVID-19. Also ensured that you are going to donate and will look to all of your friends to do so as well, in addition to encourage their fans to do the same