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Donnie Yen, actor and martial artist, he confessed that he was to be part of the DCEU. This was learned thanks to an interview that is offered to the portal IGN by the delayed premiere of Mulan, a film in which it participates.

It was Zack Snyder who approached him to offer him a role in Aquaman, tape, starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard.

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“Zack Snyder approached me to appear on the first (movie) of Aquaman, but I think I was committed to another movie at that time”, said the protagonist Ip Man.

Although it is not clear what is the role that I was going to interpret, it is thought that he may be the character of Vulko, a role which she played Willen Dafoe.

However, the actor still displayed enthusiastic to participate in any superhero movie: “But even so we speak (with Snyder) and I’m still open to any possibility, as an actor I would like to explore it”, he added. “If the paper represents and is aligned with what I like of (…) the movie, the content and the message, then, definitely I would consider it”, said Donnie Yen.

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James Wan plans to a mini-series for Aquaman

James Wan is developing and producing an animated series exclusive to HBO Max, which would serve as a prequel to the second part.

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Entitled Aquaman: King of Atlantisthe series will include three episodes, and will continue where he ended the first film, with Arthur now sat on the throne of the underwater kingdom. This production will be canon along with the other movies that are part of the DCEU.

James Wan will do a mini-series that will be the prequel of Aquaman 2.