Beauty products that use the ‘celebs’ that you can buy in the supermarket


Been three weeks since the Government of Pedro Sánchez was issued by the state of alarm, a situation that is going to lengthen, at least, until the next April 26. We can only leave our homes to go to the pharmacy and supermarket and, in the case of the more ‘privileged’, to walk the pets. Like the rest of establishments, the permuferías, drug stores and cosmetic shops have closed their doors. However, this is not a problem to have a bag full of beauty products with promising results.

The vast majority of people think that celebs use only products of large firms, valued at hundreds and hundreds of euros. However, some of the cosmetics that are a part of your beauty ritual are suitable for all pockets and we can find in the supermarket.

Jennifer Aniston
The actress Jennifer Aniston. / Gtres

Jennifer Aniston take care of your lips with the balm ‘life’ of just one euro, Meghan Markle use a facial cream brand Nivea, which you probably have hidden away in some closet in the bathroom or have used on more than one occasion, and the wipes that Kim Kardashian used to remove the makeup are of the brand Neutrogena. And they must be delicious because we all know the passion of the protagonist of Keeping Up with the Kardashians by the make-up.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian also used beauty products ‘low cost’. / Gtres

Once resolved the ‘conflict’ of where to buy products for our beauty routine, we must get rid of another one of the ‘enemies’ of the quarantine: the laziness. Although we remain confined in our homes, we must not let down our guard. On the contrary. We must take advantage of the long hours between four walls for devote a little time to ourselves, something we cannot do with full freedom during the rest of the year. In addition of being great, something that will raise our mood and self-esteem, will get to keep the mind occupied for at least a few minutes. In summary, it is mirmarnos. And what better to do it with products that they love celebs? Discover the jewels of beauty that are hidden in the shelves of the supermarket! | [LEER: La maquilladora de Paula Echevarría te cuenta cómo conseguir un ‘make up’ natural]