Called SEDESOQ to be in solidarity


Looking for donors in support of people who have lost their work.


The holder of the Secretariat of Social Development of the State of Querétaro (SEDESOQ), Tonatiuh Cervantes Curiel, made a call to the solidarity of the Queretanos you can donate or serve as volunteers, in support of the people who lost their job or had a serious reduction in his income by reason of the contingency sanitary COVID-19.

The actions will be carried out to the pair of the delivery of support pop-up, within the program “For your Household Economy”, in terms of its “Articles of Support to the Family Economy”.

The Collection Center will open starting this Thursday, April 9 at the Estadio Corregidora., with operating hours of Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00 hours.

“We are living difficult times in the country and Querétaro is not the exception; but, as has been shown, the queretanos we distinguish ourselves by the sense of union of a caring society; we know that there is personal initiative, that there is community initiative to help the most vulnerable that today they need us. Querétaro has all and all,” the official said.

To be a donor or participate as a volunteer, the registration is accomplished via telephone at 442 101 52 05 or on the web site mx.

You will receive items of the basic basket such as: rice, corn, lentils, beans, tuna, oil, canned vegetables, tomato sauce, pasta, coffee, sugar, salt, chocolate powder, milk powder, baby food, oatmeal, flour for hot cakes, jam, cereals, juices, cookies and canned fruits.

Also personal hygiene items such as toilet paper, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, baby diapers, diapers for adult, feminine napkins, hand sanitizers, wet wipes for baby; as well as cleaning products: soap powder for clothes, soap for dishes, bleach and pinol.

He recalled that there are no risks to those who come to the Stadium Corregidora. to donate or volunteer, because they are equipped with all the preventive measures before the nature of the contingency.