Carlos Slim and Ricardo Salinas, among the 12 billionaires of Mexico


Ricardo Salinas Pliego left behind Germán Larrea Mota as one of the richest men in Mexico; Carlos Slim is still at the head

Between the crisis due to the pandemic coronavirus and economic movements that have been seen in Latin america, in 2020 it is registron five billionaires fewer than last year, in Mexico. Forbes, in its English version, released its list of the 12 billionaires who are in Mexico and Carlos Slim follows the head.

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The publication, which specializes in finance and everything related to the world of business revealed that, on the whole, fortunes in Mexico lost nearly 25 percent last year.

“After more than a month of cases of Covid-19 they continue to grow and the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador minimizes the threat, the fortunes of Mexico have been reduced to a combined total of 103 billion. That is almost 25% less than the 133 billion that earned the billionaires of Mexico last year,” reads the report. Also read: Millionaires celebrities you didn’t inherit your children!

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Here is the name of the mexicans that have survived the economic changes of the country, the devaluation of the peso against the dollar and that you continue to defend your place as an entrepreneurs most outstanding in the country, according to Forbes, whose net worth is 18 march 2020.

Carlos Slim

52.1 billion


carlos slim, a millionaire

“The construction company of Slim, Promoter of the IDEAL, sought to increase the tepid markets of capital of Mexico in February, announcing a plan to raise more than 1.1 billion (25.8 billion pesos) in what would be the largest public offering in the nation since march of 2018,” according to Forbes. Also read: Carlos Slim, the millionaires that most donations made in the world

ricardo salinas pliego

Ricardo Salinas Pliego and family

11.7 billion

Retail and communications

“After overcoming the mining tycoon Germán Larrea Mota Velasco, Salinas Pliego it was the only billionaire mexican whose fortune increased during the past year,” reported Forbes.

german larrea mota velasco

Germán Larrea Mota Velasco

11 billion


“The net worth of Larrea, which consists primarily of its controlling stake in Grupo Mexico, fell by 17%”. Also read: Germán Larrea, the entrepreneur behind Grupo Mexico

alberto bailleres son alberto bailleres wife alberto bailleres

Alberto Bailleres Gonzalez

6.4 billion


“The actions of Industrias Peñoles, the second largest mining company of Mexico, collapsed almost 50%,” reads Forbes “Includes shares in the chain of department stores Palacio de Hierro, insurance company Grupo Nacional Provincial and pension funds manager Grupo Profuturo”.

maria asuncion aramburuzabala

María Asunción Aramburuzabala

5.6 billion

Beer and investment

This year, Mariasun is the only woman on the list. “Today is a member of the board of AB InBev and serves as CEO of the investment firm Tresalia Capital”, cites Forbes. It also has a minority stake in the brand Tory Burch. Also read: Ricardo Salinas Pliego at the Royal Ascot with the duke and duchess of York

jeronimo arango

Plácido Arango

Jeronimo Arango and family

4.3 billion


Jerome, who recently passed away at the age of 95, with his brothers Placido (also died at 88 years old) and Manuel were co-founders of the chain Aurrerá “and sold his retail chain Walmart in 1997 in the amount of 1.2 billion in cash”. Also read: Dies Plácido Arango, founder of Vips

juan francisco beckmann

Juan Francisco Beckmann Vidal

4.3 billion


“A descendant of Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo, has today 85% of the producer of the tequila world’s largest and the maker of Jose Cuervo, Becle,” reads Forbes.

Other names that are listed are the banker Carlos Hank Rhon, Rufino Vigil Gonzalez, owner of two steel companies, and Alfredo Harp Helú.

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