Cecilia Romo responds to positive treatment against COVID-19


“His lungs seemed to honeycomb,” said Claudia Romo on the state of health of your mother


Mexico.- The mexican actress Cecilia Romo, was reported hospitalized with a diagnosis of COVID-19 through the social networks of their daughter, Claudia Romo, who, after the announcement, she talked about the state of health, the sutuación current and the uncertainty lived during the past few days, because her mother is considered a person with high-risk, due to their age and previous diseases, as explained.

“Two Wednesdays ago started to feel ill, I had cough, fever and it hurt to breathe. My brother accompanied her to the doctor and he gave her an antibiotic, told him that he had an infection very strong, and my mom answered very ill, started vomiting, but the doctor said that was normal,” he told in an interview with Notimex.

“Then my mom influenced me by phone and I said, ‘mom, this is a coronavirus, I need you to go to the test’, then we wait to see if we could do a test at home, to avoid any risk of infection to go to a hospital, but could not do at home the test, then on a Tuesday is the did and the next day felt very bad and was hospitalized,” he added.

Also, narrated the process by what happened to the actress from the set Crazy for the tea to enter the medical center: “My mom had pneumonia 21 days in December, has arrhythmia and a lot of things that make you a person with high-risk, then when you entered the hospital, immediately applied to the treatment protocol, which is used with the infected COVID-19 and the following day we delivered the results in a positive test that had been done,” he added.

In addition, stated his opinion to the protocol applied in the actress: “Mexico is highly trained to deal with COVID-19, I live in New York and I’m seeing that people are very desperate, I see the difference. My mom was quite ill, Wednesday, and Thursday with a fever, cough, pneumonia, deep enough, his lungs inflamed, looked like beehives, which is exactly what the virus does,” he said.

“Mexico, once more at the forefront, gave my mom a medicine that is not yet one hundred percent checked, is not in all parts, but Mexico has it and asked if I wanted to run the risk, as it could cause a reaction in the heart, but accepted it very well; it has ceased to have a cough, because he has an appetite and go three or four consecutive days”, he added.

Finally he confessed his relief after the recent medical diagnoses: “The way in which the COVID-19 works is that it does not diminish the pain of the body, each time are more profound, the lack of air is most profound and then the breathing becomes more awkward, my mom, thank God it has responded very well to the treatment, the medicine in Mexico is phenomenal, and the doctors say that, if all goes well, she can claim victory for having managed to survive in one or two days more.”

After cuestionarle about if there has been direct communication with your mom, Claudia replied: “If I could communicate with her, my mom, as all the patients in the coronavirus, they are completely isolated, there is nothing that can get in and out, but when my mom came to the hospital, he had his cell phone, then we have been able to communicate with her and listen for the change of a voice that was very faint and now his voice again, it feels alive,” he said.

In addition, he took the opportunity to request prayers of the followers of his mother: “This is the moment that I keep on asking the prayers of all, for a person of high risk, after a bout of pneumonia, with arrhythmia, with high pressure, can survive the coronavirus, that would be great news for all, because you still don’t sing victory,” he said to conclude.