Courteney Cox dare with a challenge of TikTok and Jennifer Aniston can’t hold the laughter | Now


In these days of confinement, there is no doubt that the use of TikTok has skyrocketed. Of course, when the ideas for entertainment are exhausted, there is no other to pull applications that they get. And that is something that the own Courteney Cox has experienced in first person.

The actress has dared with the Savage Dance Challenge of TikTok, though she has shared through Instagram. In this challenge, Courteney moves to the rhythm of the song of Megan Thee Stallion with the famous filter that turns you into a baby. But not everything was there. Also dared with the filter that you masculinizes. Exact: Courteney Cox in version man (and we have to say that bears an important resemblance to Jared Leto).

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Dealers choice.

A publication shared Courteney Cox (@courteneycoxofficial) the

But like almost everything the actress published in their social networks, your video was not long in revolucionarlas. Your friend and companion Friends, Jennifer Aniston, showed what fun it had seemed like their participation in this challenge. “I’m dying”, he noted with various emojis of laughter. But it was not the only one. Charlie Puth was also unable to endure the laughter.

Courteney and Jennifer have been united since their appearance on the successful sitcom Friends in 1994. When it aired its last episode in 2004, everything seemed to be lost in their friendship, but they have been shown through the social networks that their union is unbreakable. So much so that, little by little began to protest the return of the “colleagues of New York” to the small screen, though all of it was that, rumours.

But now it’s official. Chandler, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel and Monica will return in the final episode that no doubt will mark history. It would have been the perfect plan for this quarantine, isn’t it? But Courteney knows how to entertain, and, in turn, entertain us. The humor, the dancing and the laughter can not miss in these days of confinement. Do you dare with the Savage Dance Challenge?