Do Aquaman in the MCU? 7 Marvel characters that could make a good team


The King of Atlantis has become one of the most popular characters in DC, thanks to both his comic as his movie starring Jason Momoa, quine gave a renewed image, however, has arisen a doubt what are the characters in the MCU who would team up with Aquaman?

Perhaps the previous question does not make sense for the ruler marino belongs to the direct competition of Marvel, but if there was a crossover between these two brands, probably for the most difficult missions I would need help of these superheroes.

So below will be mentioned some variety of companions of the Movie Universe of Marvel (MCU) that would have Aquaman in a distant future.


The god of thunder in the film adaptations has been a clear change in your personality because of being a hero seriously became a character sarcastic and funny, which ended up pleasing more people.

So if Thor out a companion to Aquaman could be good, as they are very similar, also has a similar view in resolving the problems.

Captain America

One of the features that have the king water is important to defend the world don’t matter if is outside or in the water, this same shared Steve Rogers, who cares a safeguard to the other, leaving aside the consequences that could result. In case outside little, your shield would be very beneficial for Arthur.


Maybe this option is something unexpected, since to the naked eye the two are incompatible, because the Hulk is not good to move in the sea and is very unstable. However, this last would that Aquaman will be interested in him, because would admire his constant internal struggle that has Bruce Banner as well as your way of dealing with anger issues. In battles on land, in the same way it would be a great support to the half-atlantean.

Black Widow

Aquaman might be interested in Natasha Romanoff because you need someone who will help in the spying, and be a good informant, in addition to their skills in combat as their courage would earn you the admiration of the monarch.


Peter Parker of the MCU, is a teenage version of the hero who is learning constantly about life and its powers, so that would be a great apprentice to Aquaman, who teach him about responsibility, in addition to Spidey would be a support to the hero of DC its that bravely, her intelligence and both share the sense of humor.

Rocket Racoon

The integral part of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ would be a great companion because is able to create a large amount of artifacts that he would use Arthur in times of emergency, during dangerous missions, even though it probably Rocket would make a lot of mischief.


Black Panther

In the list of the characters in the MCU who would team up with Aquaman could not miss the king of Wakanada, compared to Thor, he if it is more serious and disciplined, but both characters share the love of their kingdoms, which should open its doors to the outside world for there to be harmony. Also, Arthur could learn to be more serious and to T Challa to be more relaxed on some things.