Do you unrecognizable? The pullita of Ryan Reynolds to Dwayne Johnson for his looks


It all started when Dwayne Johnson showed a smiling image how I had to walk your dog, Hobbs (yes, like the character of ‘Fast and Furious’) in the quarantine.

“We walked to Hobbs a mile down the road to take some fresh air and guess who has had to take her in his arms all the way back home because I was too tired.

Even so, I love this little son of a bitch.

And ironically, this is how I also to Kevin Hart.

Keep yourselves healthy and safe, friends.”

Your adorable post already has almost 4 million reactions, but the one that has gone viral has been Ryan Reynolds. The actor has not been able to resisitirse to make a joke of his own pulling irony with regard to the “camouflage” of The Rock with sunglasses and a cap.

The costume is surreal. If it had happened driving, I would have never known that was you”.

The publication is full of comments and following the joke, and ensuring that the exluchador is unrecognizable.

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